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Everything tastes funky, too.

I am sick and thus not only sleepy and uncomfortable, but also falling behind in my crafting schedule DAMNIT, and it's a month until my birthday, so... birthday wishlist to cheer me up. Yeah. Whee!Collapse )

Addendum to add Tommy Hawk and Pucky the Whale (and maybe also the Connecticut Whale), because HOSHIT MASCOTS YO.
So I hit Week 2 in TWEWY (and can I just say how phenomenal this port is? High price be damned; if you own an iPhone, you should own this game), and I couldn't help taking some screencaps...

Man, I love Joshua.

Listen up, Phones.

So! Guess what game got an iPhone port?

Oh baby.

It's $18, which gave me pause for about five minutes. Really, it's one of my all-time favorites; how could I resist? They revamped the battle system to work on one screen, and this might be sacrilegious, but I'm not sure which version I like better. It's just that good. Mingling's going to be a bit more troublesome this time around, but that should only bother psycho completionists like me, really. All in all, it's pretty epic. And fun. Obscene levels of fun. Damn, TWEWY's still good.

$18, though. Seriously, Square? You couldn't have scraped that down to $10? At a lower price point, I'd talk everyone I know into buying it, but when you're dancing near $20... phew. That's a hard sell.
I am ridiculously obsessed with this song right now:

Holy shit balls.

You know that thing where fangirls get all excited and say that they're "shaking and crying"?

Yeah. Um.


Terrible person. Seriously, terrible.

If you're reading this and your name is not Cathy, you're a terrible person for not signing up to let me make you something. Go rectify this. Now. No excuses.

... Please?

Obligatory shipping note: I WANT THIS TO BE REAL.

Today is a day of failure.

- Tried embroidering four different mouths onto the doll I'm crocheting and couldn't get any of them to turn out right. When I was pulling out the last one, I accidentally screwed up her nose. So, I had to pull that out too. Tried to redo it, but I couldn't get that to turn out either. She's still noseless and mouthless.

- Attempted for the third time to make a pendant with tags from NHL merch. This one was perfect except for the giant fucking bubble under the epoxy. I practiced specifically to avoid that, and it somehow still happened. That was my last tag, too. So. I don't know what to do there. Wait until I have the excess cash to buy another shirt, I guess.

- Attempted to make a TWEWY pin bracelet, but the glue I used bled into the decals and blurred/washed out the ink. Managed to salvage the bezel base, but I had to throw out all the decals and epoxy stickers.

- Had a panic attack. A really nasty one, too. I haven't had an attack in months. It was triggered by the stupidest thing - I had Lucky Charms for breakfast, and the combination of the sugar crash from that and a couple sips of coffee made me jittery. The jitters, in turn, convinced my brain I was dying. Racing heart, tingling extremities, heat flashes, derealization, the whole shebang. It was awful. I ended up wasting three hours in bed after it was over, just half-napping and trying to feel normal again.

- And now my phone is reminding me that I need three different meds every night just to reach "alive" every morning. Feeling pretty useless. I've been nauseous since last night, too, and I still feel mildly tingly and unsettled from earlier. Ugh. Today.

On the plus side, when I started crying, Benny was at my side in seconds. Dogs are pretty awesome.

I can has my own holiday?

Obligatory Ship Flail:
- Everyone ships Sterek.
- Kaner and Tazer are adorbs.

On to the main point - so. I like making stuff. It's kind of my thing. Unfortunately, there aren't any good gift-giving holidays for a little while. Thus, I've decided to make my own up.

Alex Day! Or. Um. Something like that. Basically, I've decided that for my birthday this year (October 4), I want to give you guys things! I'll have fun, you'll get a present, it'll be streets ahead awesome all around. Okay? Okay?


Poll #1858454 Alex Day Survey

I'd most like to get...

a toy
an accessory
some decor
something else I'll tell you about in the comments

Some of my interests/fandoms are...

Whatever you do, please don't give me...

Once it's closer to the actual day, I'll ask for mailing addresses. For now, please just fill out the poll (seriously, I love making gifts - keep me busy!) and be happy. Sound good?

Like oil on the water's surface.

If you have any interest whatsoever in wingfic, you should cart yourself over here to A Crash Course in Falling. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of carolinecrane's stuff, and man, is this no exception. It's sweet and somehow realistic. And it deserves fanart. Cut for large images and story spoilers.Collapse )

It truly is crushing.

Hey Benny, how do you feel about Dubinsky getting traded to the Blue Jackets?

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