And now I want to write Prohibition-era fic.

- This is pretty much the greatest thing ever.
- Working on dolls. They're coming along really nicely, actually.
- Finished and mailed out jengeorge's Alex Day present. Because I'm an idiot, though, I completely forgot to take any pictures, so I guess that one's not going on the craft blog. Balls.
- Jaime's been giving me my birthday presents early and they are AAAAAWESOME. More on that later when I stop being lazy and take pictures.
- Started collecting series 8 Lego minifigs. So far I've gotten the football player and the robot; I really just want the vampire bat.
- Ecofelt is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Just saying.
- Except maybe for Ken Burns documentaries. I am a boring adult, I guess, because I think they're all fascinating. And Lois Long is my idol now.

To the pain!

Got my random shirt from Woot! in the mail today. It's this one. I am pleased.

I am also sick of Monopoly. It makes me inexplicably sad, to the point where I deliberately made a dumb deal than cost me a guaranteed victory because I didn't want to spend an hour just bleeding people dry. I'm voting for Clue next time. Or Cards Against Humanity. No more Monopoly. Harumph.

Kick in the Ass

Because I haven't been writing... um.. at all, lately, and I really want to be, I both dug up my unused au_bingo card from a couple years ago and requested a kink_bingo card. Collapse )

I'm also thinking about signing up for Yuletide. I've never done it before, so I'm a bit nervous, but it sounds fun, and I'd kill to read some Goon or Catherine fic. I've exhausted the handful of fics for the former, and literally NOTHING exists for the latter, soooo...