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Home from the Thanksgiving trip, where the dogs had a ball with Zion and I chatted a surprising amount with Jaime's grandma, so I think it's time for my holiday wishlist:

- Kane/Toews fic. Just. Just them.
- Craft books! I'm a sucker for anything old. On that page, I particularly like the looks of 838 Ways to Amuse a Child, How to Make Flibbers, and The Kindergarten Arts and Crafts Book. When it comes to new stuff, I'd really love to get Storybook Toys, Knit Your Own Dog, and Wool Pets.
- Blackhawks stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm obsessed. Anyway. I especially like this shirt (size XXL).
- Society6 prints:
  - Sepoi Sepoi and Seri Seri
  - Miracle on Ice typography
  - Werewolfs!
- 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee hobby box - I still haven't gotten Tazer, damnit!
- Toys. Because I am apparently a child.
- Um. A Vita? And P4 Golden? SOB.
Tags: omgwant, passing out now

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