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Iiiiit's Yuletime!

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! I'm Alex, and I'm pretty easy to please - in general, if a story has a happy ending, I'll be happy. I prefer the fluffier side of fic, though I'm fine with dark themes and violence, so long as they're not the entirety of the plot. Holiday fic is fine too, if that's what you'd like to do. As far as tropes I dislike go, I can't stand infidelity unless it's character A from the pairing A/B that I like cheating with character B, and I hate break-up fic, regardless of whether or not my ship ends up together. I tend to read mostly canon stuff, but AUs are perfectly wonderful as well! Not a big crossover fan, though, and I'm not big on gender-swap unless it's done to both characters in a pairing. When it comes to kinky stuff, if it doesn't do any permanent damage, I'm pretty much game. Feel free to go with whatever you feel like there, whether it's explicit bondage or G-rated fluff.

1. Goon
I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Pretty much anything you could write post-movie about the guys of the Halifax Highlanders would be awesome. In particular, I'd really love to see some bromance between Doug and LaFlamme. If you want to go the slash route, I'd be thrilled, but if you'd rather keep them as friends, that'd be fine too. One specific prompt I've been thinking about is what would happen if LaFlamme was called back up to his previous team. Would he try to get Doug pulled up with him? Would he want to go back at all? Feel free to ignore this prompt entirely if you have an idea you'd rather do, though.

2. Catherine
I am completely enamored with the Vincent/Catherine pairing. Aaaaanything with them would be great. I also like all of Vincent's drinking buddies - feel free to throw any of them into the story if you want. I'm familiar with all of the endings, so don't worry about spoilers. On the flip side, if you'd like to ignore the endings and take Catherine at face value as just an intriguing "other woman", that could be really neat as well. On the flip flip side, if you don't like Vincent/Catherine, I'd be happy to see something fluffy with Toby/Erica.

3. Final Fantasy XIII-2
I'd reeeeeally like to see something set after the "The Future is Hope" ending. You don't have to include pairings, but if you do, I'm fond of Noel/Hope and Snow/Serah, and I really don't like Noel/Serah. Alternately, anything at all romantic with Noel/Hope would be great.

4. Adventure Time
Finn/Flame Princess cuteness, please! Romance is great, friendship (so long as you don't pair Finn with someone else) is good too. The two of them just make me all happy and warm inside, so any little scenes about their relationship would be wonderful.

Thank you, Yuletide Author! I hope your writing goes well and you get lots of great stories in return!
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