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Because I haven't been writing... um.. at all, lately, and I really want to be, I both dug up my unused au_bingo card from a couple years ago and requested a kink_bingo card. And here they are:

Future: Utopia Other: Slaves Historical: Medieval Europe Other: Sports Other: Crossover
Other: Prison Future: Post-Apocalyptic Other: Celebrities Alternate History: Someone died/didn’t come back Future: Dystopia
Other: High-school Future: Cyberpunk FREE Other: Criminals Other: Mundane
Other: Military Fantasy & Supernatural: Vampires Other: Film Noir Historical: Ancient Civilizations Alternate History: Canon event changed
Other: Animals (anthropomorphic or not) Alternate History: Someone never died Alternate History: Personal life of a character changed Historical: Feudal Japan Other: Kid Fic

painplay (other) humiliation (verbal) scars / scarification class fantasies spanking / paddling
phonesex / epistolary held down vanilla kink bloodplay bodies and body parts
torture / interrogation medical kink wildcard dressup body alteration / injury
begging drugs / aphrodisiacs mirrors / doubles hypnosis / mind control rough body play
guns / blades mechanical / technological whipping / flogging spaces scenes and settings shaving / depilation

I definitely have some ideas for the AU card, but nothing that makes a bingo yet:
- Other: Sports - FFVIII hockey fic. I mean, the Galbadia Bears are canon; the Balamb Fish must be written about. Squall's a center and their captain, of course. Irvine's a winger, a sniper, natch, and Zell... grinder, perhaps? I don't think he's big enough to be an enforcer; that's more Seifer's territory. And Selphie runs social media and Quistis is an assistant coach and Rinoa is a fan who Squall mistakes for a puck bunny, but he comes to find she's really not, and...
- Other: Crossover - Hockey RPF/Star Trek. I've already started this one, actually. I just need to be pushed. So yeah. Push push.
- Alternate History: Someone died - Persona 4. Not saying who just yet. Creys forever.
- Other: Military - Hockey RPF. WWI, I'm thinking, all Decemberists' The Soldiering Life-esque.
- Alternate History: Someone never died - FFVIII. Julia.
- Historical: Feudal Japan - TWEWY is tempting, but I think this needs to be Souji/Yosuke.
There are so many other prompts that I want to write (prison, criminals, FILM NOIR), but I'm not sure what to do with them. I'll probably toss some drawings in, too. The FFVIII hockey thing could make a better picture than story, maybe. Hmm.

ETA (10:58pm): Other: Celebrities - Puck/Kurt! Where Puck is a guitarist and Kurt is an opera singer and they both end up hired to perform on Schue's latest WEIRD RAP MASH-UP NONSENSE album. And maybe Will/Finn on the side, because Caroline has broken my brain and it just makes sense. I mean, obviously Finn would be a fan, and he'd want to tag along to the studio with Kurt, and then googly eyes. Obviously. It would be more difficult to NOT slash them, right? Right.

The kink card, on the other hand, is pretty much gold from top to bottom and I want to write Kane/Toews for ALL OF THEM, so gold that I'm not even sure where to start. Any requests?

I'm also thinking about signing up for Yuletide. I've never done it before, so I'm a bit nervous, but it sounds fun, and I'd kill to read some Goon or Catherine fic. I've exhausted the handful of fics for the former, and literally NOTHING exists for the latter, soooo...
Tags: but it's fun!, fanficcin', i might rock, i might suck, scandalesque, typing frantically, what is this ''life'' you speak of?
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