August 5th, 2012


I can has my own holiday?

Obligatory Ship Flail:
- Everyone ships Sterek.
- Kaner and Tazer are adorbs.

On to the main point - so. I like making stuff. It's kind of my thing. Unfortunately, there aren't any good gift-giving holidays for a little while. Thus, I've decided to make my own up.

Alex Day! Or. Um. Something like that. Basically, I've decided that for my birthday this year (October 4), I want to give you guys things! I'll have fun, you'll get a present, it'll be streets ahead awesome all around. Okay? Okay?


Poll #1858454 Alex Day Survey

I'd most like to get...

a toy
an accessory
some decor
something else I'll tell you about in the comments

Some of my interests/fandoms are...

Whatever you do, please don't give me...

Once it's closer to the actual day, I'll ask for mailing addresses. For now, please just fill out the poll (seriously, I love making gifts - keep me busy!) and be happy. Sound good?