July 24th, 2012


Woe! So much woe!

Oh my word, is this the world of the living? Is this where normal people exist?

I was sick for a while there, and when I finally conked out long enough to make progress on healing, I did so in such a weird position that I fucked up something in my deltoid hardcore. It was waking me up with its throbbing for a while there. Ick. Thankfully, it's finally feeling better. So now I have much internet (and chores and art) to catch up on.

Also, my Blackhawks Convention high was dampened by the news that my sweet bb Dubinsky is being sent to the Pit of Despair. Nooooo. But at least there's this awesome (and gorgeous) packed picture to cheer me up. And this video:

As another side note of sadness, is anyone else keeping up with Teen Wolf? Last night's episode. Holy shit. Things are getting real, and I am rapt.