April 26th, 2012


Because I'm a giiiiiiirl.

Woke up so sore that I didn't take the dogs for their morning walk until 4pm. Ugh. A handful of advil and some Korean instant coffee later, though, I'm feeling pretty good.

Anyway, on to the main point of this post - SPORTS. I read this fic that's widely recced and I didn't really like it, but I was intrigued by the people those character archetypes were representing, so I read a primer on them and (even though it was kind of skewed and tinhatty) liked it. I watched the funny videos, then the highlight videos, then just some normal game videos, because I remembered that I love hockey. I grew up in Alaska and my dad took me to college hockey games almost every weekend. Just like that, it all came back - I was throwing out terminology and looking up stats and telling Jaime to watch the players, not the puck. The puck is too hard to follow if you're not reeeeeally used to it, and besides, it's just a puck. It slides around. The players are what make it happen.

This is getting too rambly. Point is I LOVE HOCKEY. I forgot that at some point, probably because I'd never really gotten into NHL stuff, as I didn't have a specific team I loved (outside of that college one from when I was little - GO SEAWOLVES!), one to get all fanatical over and call MY team. Well, now I do. I can't ever regret reading that crummy fic, because it brought back my pucking sport into my life and it introduced me to what would become my team.


I was tooling about their NHL gear site last night, as my Junpei hat's getting a bit worn so I'm looking to get a new lazy day cap, when the Toys & Games category caught my eye. Being a mental eight-year-old, I had to take a look. I was scrolling down, chuckling to myself and thinking, "I wish they had dolls. Like, a doofy looking Kaner plush that OH MY GOD THEY DO."

Seriously. They do.

Once I'd gotten the laughter under control ("Bleacher Creatures", snerk), I sighed. "Tempting, but I could never get him. It just wouldn't be right unless there was also HOLY SHIT THEY HAVE TAZER TOO."

Now I just need to come up with a way to convince Jaime that we must purchase those monstrosities and a baseball cap - can't forget why I was shopping in the first place. They're way cheaper than a jersey! It's a steal! I only wish there was a Sharpy doll too. Not to go with Kaner and Tazer; just for me. <3