April 2nd, 2012


Do I ship anything? Nope!

FFXIII-2 is fucking fantastic. The plot is good, the gameplay is good, and Hope! I loved him in the first game; he's been my PS3 background since I unlocked that theme. It's really great to see him ten years later, all grown up and hot successful. Seeing Serah come into her own was great as well, and I can't help but love Noel. The ending left me a bit stunned and annoyed, but I'll probably be first in line to buy XIII-3, so good job, Square, I guess. Oh, and I love the rambunctious chocobos. Not only are they awesome and pretty, their music is BADASS. And hilarious. Pretty much the greatest song ever.

In other news, I totally ship Noel/Hope. Started out because they're both so lovely, but now I have legit ship reasoning. Sigh.

In other other news, I've been oddly productive today. Working on plush for ontdcreepy's Spring Crawl, cleaning the kitchen, unpacking the most gorgeous doll ever, finishing my art for originalbigbang's Reverse Bang... help me keep this going?

Stolen from anglepoiselamp:
1) Name a fandom. Or two. Or ten. However many you want!
2) I'll draw a picture of my favorite character from said fandom.

Ready? Go!

Edit(11:45pm): I'll start this thing off with some fandoms Jaime suggested: Collapse )
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