December 31st, 2010

omgYAY, can't... contain... the happy...

Let's do this like Brutus.

2010 Fandom Meme
Three favourite movies:
    - Moon - We watched it at the Alexican sleepover and I was spellbound.
    - Memento - After the disappointment of Inception (it was a great heist movie, but not what I was expecting), Jaime and I set out to watch all the mindfuck movies we could get our hands on. This is my personal favorite of them so far. As a side note, Black Swan was also excellent.
    - Jackass 3D - JACK. ASS. 3D. Need I say more?
Three favourite tv-shows:
    - Dexter - My god, we were addicted and watched four seasons in like a month.
    - Modern Family - This one's a recent discovery, but an astonishingly awesome one.
    - Mad Men - On the serious side, the interpersonal relationships are well done and really compelling, and the ads themselves are neat to see. On the shallow side, boozin' and smokin' and wimminin' with the boys!
... Why no video game category, memeseveriwhere? Let's just throw that in here.
Three favourite video games:
    - Final Fantasy XIII - I don't care what anyone says, it's incredibly fun and has a great cast.
    - Heavy Rain - It's unique and nail-biting and managed to keep me guessing.
    - Professor Layton - Loved Layton, loved Luke, loved the puzzles... except for the fucking princess block ones AUGH.
Three favourite characters:
    - my boy Kurt from Glee - Okay, so I'm more than a touch fond of him. He's pretty much the only reason I keep watching.
    - Hope from FFXIII - He's my PS3 theme - favorite character in battle and out.
    - Deb from Dexter - She's my swearspiration. I kind of want to be her.
Three favourite ships:
    - Kris/Adam from American Idol - My first RPF ship. I regret nothing; the fic is amazing.
    - Puck/Kurt from Glee - I just. Yes. Please.
    - Deb/Quinn from Dexter - I didn't like Quinn until this season, but I've always kind of wanted them to hook up. The pay off has been fantastic. I didn't expect real emotions out of them, but my god am I loving it.
Three favourite non-romantic pairs:
    - Lightning and Hope from FFXIII - I hear it's a popular ship, but I just can't see it that way. I do, however, love the odd Big Sis/Little Bro dynamic they develop and how they both help each other heal. It's sweet.
    - Kurt and Burt from Glee - Best dad ever. In a show full of cliches, their interactions come off as very real.
    - Dexter and Cody from Dexter - Dexter and Deb would be the most obvious choice, but that scene with Dexter telling Cody to stick by his sister (you know the one) broke. My. Heart. Not even joking; I cried.
Three favourite books:
Um, so I don't think I even read three books this year. I mostly consumed science literature and, in my free time, fanfic.
Three favourite album or song:
    - Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups - I think I described this before as being the inside of my brain. The pills have lessened that a bit, but it's still mostly true, and the song is still completely awesome.
    - For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert - Sexy. Yus.
    - I'll Believe in Anything by Wolf Parade - The song that got me into what is now one of my favorite bands. It stands on its own pretty well, too.
Three favourite fanvids:
I'm not a big fanvid person. Um. Why don't I combine this with the book category from above and give three fanfic recs instead?
    - If It Kills Me by buffyx - Kris/Adam - It starts out mostly not AU, but then veers when SPOILER: there's a plane crash and the two have to survive on an island. It's harsh and kind of gutting at times, but it's worth it.
    - The Best Lines are Online by aggybird - Puck/Kurt - Porny chatlog fic, and yet it's IC. And good.
    - Or Be Drowned in Blissful Confusion at orbedrowned - Kris/Adam - As a rule, I avoid WIPs; also, I think we all know what sort of reputation high school AUs have. Somehow, though, this fic manages to be one of the greatest things I've ever read. It's the very definition of slow and sweet.
Three favourite lj communities:
    - gleestyle - I cannot begin to express how much they've fueled my desire for fashion.
    - puckurt - Feeding my newest pairing obsession. Yaaaaay.
    - geekcrafts - I'd been wishing for a place like this for months. Thanks for leading me to this one, LJ Spotlight!
First Fandom of the year:
    - Mmm, probably Dexter, unless we're counting the rollover love for Persona 4.
Your best new fandom discovery of the year:
    - Drama: Dexter, Comedy: Modern Family, Game: FFXIII, Fic: Glee
Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year:
    - Second season of Glee? Glee canon overall? It's gotta be Glee-related.
Your biggest squee moments of the year:
    - Quinn and Deb hooking up. Plus, Quinn became awesome. Wasn't expecting that.
    - Every thing about Jackass 3D. The mere existence of a third Jackass movie makes the world a better place.
    - Beating the Gigantuar in FFXIII. YYYYYEAH!
Fandom that you never expected to get into:
    - Glee. I'm still having issues believing I'm into it.
Last fandom of the year:
    - Modern Family, I suppose, though I'm not planning on getting into "the fandom" for it. I just love the show. Last one I got into that I'm following the fandom for is Glee.
Overall fandoms of the year:
    - Persona 4. Yes, still.
    - American Idol
    - Glee
... I think I need to find loldeeper fandoms next year.
Your main fandom of the year:
    - Hm... for the sheer volume of fanworks viewed, probably Persona 4.
The most missed of your old fandoms:
    - I wish was more active. Those Strong Bad games were badass.
The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?:
    - Final Fantasy XIII, kiiiiind of. In theory, I'd be all about it, but Squenix fandoms have a history of letting me down, so I'm a bit scared to dip my toe in.
Complete seasons of tv-shows:
    - Oh god, all of Dexter. All of Glee. All of Modern Family. All of Mad Men. We have a tendency to marathon things. Plus, I kept up with Project Runway (until the last episode) and RuPaul's Drag Race.
Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?:
    - I've got my fingers crossed we'll get Catherine in the US and I'm pretty psyched about Mass Effect 2 for PS3. This is the year I'm going to master shooters, you guys. Bioshock and ME2, here I come.