December 18th, 2010

this is my sexy shimmy

Just two or three hours.

Is anyone else getting an error message instead of the Voice Post Settings page? I want to do that pronunciation meme everyone's posting, but I can't remember my pin number and I can't seem to find a place I can reset it that will actually load.

Anyway, I had kind of an amazing Friday night. I'm usually the homebody type - I went to exactly one party through all of high school (where we watched the Final Fantasy anime, played Silent Hill, and had nothing stronger than Mountain Dew to drink) and two during my undergrad. I really wanted to see Black Swan, though, so I did the manly thing and asked Jaime out on a date. And then invited Kiri and Kaisa along. And then Jaime suggested Olive Garden, and Kiri suggested Kaisa and I split some wine, and somehow this ended up being a whole magnum of red house wine shared between Kaisa, Jaime, and me. I had 3.5 glasses - my second drunkest night ever! Go me? Also, for about a week I'd been meaning to insist that Jaime take me to Breadstix on our next date. Turns out I didn't have to ask after all. I may have pointed this out about halfway through dinner and giggled. Anyway, the wine was enough to make us all smiley and pleasantly warm, and after a long and leisurely dinner, we walked to the movie theater just in time for the 10:45 showing.

It was awesome. I definitely liked it better than Requiem for a Dream. On its own merits, it's a very evocative, beautifully staged movie with lots of inventive aesthetic touches. Jaime wasn't sure about the up-and-down pacing, but I thought it was a nice reflection of the main character Nina's mental state. I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that the movie's about a ballerina with psychological problems. It felt very true to me; all the little details (the box of rosin she steps into before dancing, the mirrors everywhere, the practice outfits complete with shrugs over leotards) pinged me just right. It all made for a really engaging experience. Of course, being a past dancer with psychological problems, you might want to take my praise with a grain of salt - it's a movie that was probably a lot easier for me to connect to than most. Granted, my life's never had that level of physical distress or sexual intrigue, but still...

Oh, and by the way, from IMDB's trivia page: "Nina's name in the original screenplay was Alexandria." Shudder.