December 10th, 2010


Oh god, more dolls. Just what I needed.

They're finally introducing an Isul doll. Isn't he gorgeous? Just wait until there's a dandy version. I'll be $100 poorer.

So Laguna's officially in Duodecim now which... on the one hand, Laguna Laguna, but on the other, SOD OFF OLD MAN.

How do you guys feel about fanfic companion stories? Like, I read this one prompt that really intrigued me, but it's going to require a lot of set-up and will still (by virtue of the angsty prompt) have some far-fetched elements. I'd like to write it, yet at the same time I'd like to write the set-up I have planned and then follow it through to completion without introducing the big wham the prompt calls for. I guess in the end I'd have a branching fic - two stories that share the same beginning, but then take two decidedly different turns. Is that something that would be interesting to people, or should I just stick with one or the other?