December 9th, 2010


Because I'm a lemming.

1) Make an entry with the filled out form
2) Have your f-list describe in the comments how they pronounce your username, what they originally thought it said/meant



I'm Alex. Alex is never an available username. So, I stick to Rinoa when I can, but more often than not, that's taken too. I was fiddling around with possible variations on Rinoa, as I am prone to do (for example, my PSN username, since amazingly Rinnia was taken there, is Kiwoa from Rinoa and... kiwi), and stumbled across the idea of combining it with the Japanese name of my favorite character from Death Note - Nia. Hence, Rinnia was born.

Japanese (日本語)/Combo of Rinoa (リノア) and Near (ニア)

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