November 4th, 2010

my brain

It's hard to find the heart sometimes.

First off, a very happy birthday to my kind-of-brother-in-law ultimademon! Here's hoping the monk life is treating him well.

Picked up another month's worth of sertraline. It's kind of alarming to me how happy I am to have a fresh bottle in hand. I'm pretty much dependent on this stuff for my sanity - without it, my anxiety can get pretty ridiculous, and even worse, when the level in my blood shifts (like, say, going onto it initially or after I forget a dose), my general anxiety shoots through the roof. Sure, the panic attacks come less frequently than they do without any medication, but I find myself sitting and shaking or frantically trying to watch my back a lot more. So, knowing that I have my pills, that my levels will stay nice and constant for another month... it's almost as soothing as the medication itself.

I'm completely caught up on Glee now, and I have a few thoughts. Normally I wouldn't read too much into the "messages" a show sends (for example, it drives me crazy when people complain about Dexter doing something that they don't want to root for - protagonist != "good guy"), but seeing as Glee tends to get all up-its-own-ass preachy (much like South Park), I think I'm justified in inspecting the actual messages it sends. In general, Jaime hates how often the apparent moral is "Being different is good; just don't be too visible about it." I have to agree with him. For every episode where we get told to let our freak flags fly, we get two that append "but not too high!" After you've noticed it once, it's hard to not see it all over.

My other issue? Atheism, my dears: Collapse )

So now that I've praised Glee for something, let me counter that with a quick criticism: BRAD DOES NOT SING IN TIME WARP. It makes no sense plot-wise and it makes no sense fairness-wise. Finn gets far more solos than his mediocre voice deserves anyway; don't steal parts from Kurt to give him even more, damnit!