September 29th, 2010



I finished FFXIII a couple weeks ago (on my mom's birthday, which she heartily approved of) and am now whittling away at the post-game missions. Not sure why everyone hates it so much - I'm in love. The cast is great, the battle system is set up smartly and fun to use, and the story is an excellent deconstruction piece. Given the superstitions around the number 13 (in Western culture at least, and yes, FF is Japanese in origin, but I figure Squenix had to be aware of the connotations), the fact that this game is a subversion of so many standard RPG/epic components struck me as kind of brilliant. And it's just fun. And the ending! Collapse )

I'm also very very very happy with the new Jimmy Eat World CD "Invented". It's a true return to form. After the utterly amazing "Stay on My Side Tonight" EP was followed by the utterly mediocre "Chase This Light", I was concerned about the direction they were taking - namely, none at all. I needn't have worried. They still sound like themselves, only veered a bit more towards an indie rock vibe with clapping beats and a guest female vocalist. It's pretty, it's melancholy, it's at turns harmonious and driving. It's just plain good music. Most importantly, it doesn't sound like a rehash of old CDs. It's new Jimmy Eat World and it's delicious. Congrats, guys. You really nailed this one. "Invented" just might stand on the same tier as "Clarity" and "Futures" in my brain, and that, my friends, says something.

I'm also also happy about the way my work is going (I now have three committee members! Sure, two of them are my advisers and the third doesn't fulfill any requirements besides awesomeness, but still!) and my plans for this weekend. My birthday's on Monday, so we're celebrating on Saturday instead by going to Disney World. Lunch by the Haunted Mansion, dinner in Japan at Epcot, I'm thinking. Plus, we got daycare reservations for Benny at the new pet resort, so he ought to have a fun day too. Then, I'm going to make cupcakes to take to class and the lab on Monday so I can force all the stubbly men to eat pink frosting and sprinkles. It will be glorious.

For tonight? Started out with sushi and Futurama with friends, and will finish with milk stout, fashion design, and Kenny vs. Spenny. Mmhmm. I like my life.