September 17th, 2010



Yesterday was kind of crummy. I was belly-pained (as I have been for most of this week) and I accidentally took a call from my bio-dad. So, I was kind of shaken up and nervous and expecting the worst of today. However, it took an unexpectedly pleasant turn when this popped up:

Jaime: hm
  wanna go to japan in may?
me: haha, YES
  i wish you were serious
Jaime: there is a wireless power conference that [my advisor] is going to and he wants me to go as well
  in kyoto
me: D:
  are you serious?!
Jaime: yesh
me: are you serious that i could go to japan?!?!
  could we come up with the money for me to go too?!
Jaime: potentially
me: OMG
  i... i need to call my mom
  this is too big
  we have to
  holy shit
Jaime: I should probably get a passport

I still can't believe this. I might actually get to go to Japan. The conference is in Kyoto, but we figure we'd fly into and out of Tokyo (as it's cheaper and where we'd rather tourist about) and then take the bullet train. Take the freaking bullet train. Oh my god. I can't believe I'm thinking about this seriously. Looks like I may get to cross another item off Collapse )

... I should probably brush up on my 日本語.