August 31st, 2010


Making my five-year-old self's wildest dreams come true!

We fucking saw Meat Loaf in concert last night.

Meat Loaf. It was EPIC.

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe first, natch, during which Jaime actually convinced me to chill and not worry about missing the opening act. He was right - we got there while they were still performing and the Loaf man didn't take the stage until almost an hour after they were done. I nabbed myself a shirt during the break, too, a nice tour tee with the classic motorcycle picture stretching across the entire front. It's brutal. Jaime may be slightly embarrassed to be seen with me, but that's how you know it's really good.

Anyway, Meat Loaf opened with Hot Patootie, including bitchin' sax solo and movie clips played on a giant LED screen. So much awesome in so few minutes. Amazing. He then hauled out Bat Out of Hell only three songs into the set, which. Holy shit. BADASS. So badass it was worth admission alone. He had a giant inflatable demon bat, for crying out loud! How can it get any better than that? Just. Dude. That fulfilled an item on my bucket list that I didn't even know was there. Afterwards, he said there's nothing like singing Bat Out of Hell as the third song in your concert to make you feel fucking sixty-two years old. One of his backup singers (who later duetted on I Would Do Anything for Love and Paradise by the Dashboard Light with him) corrected it to sexty-two years old. It's Meat Loaf, folks. This is how the concert goes. He played some songs off his new album too, which were awesome, though not the epic-ho-shit-what of the old stuff that I've been hearing since I was in the womb. You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth? With crowd sing-along and taunting of the people not standing? Yes, please. Oh, and Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through starring an exquisitely intense sax section, not to mention the upwards of 15 minutes long humorous sketch that Paradise turned into, complete with a stylized replica of the "big surprise" that shot t-shirt bundles into the crowd and a large inflatable girl getting felt up, or the medley near the end that featured the Free Bird solo and slid right into All Revved Up With No Place to Go.

It. Was. Awesome.


Today? Back to work. :p Wearing my Meat Loaf shirt, though! And shimmying proudly in it, I must say. I've also gotten the idea in my head that I should learn how to sew button-up shirts so I can make myself nice work blouses out of children's material. Y'know, puppies and dinosaurs and toys and such. I'm tough, man. Don't mess with me.

Oh, and I got a Pullip and a Taeyang. They are pretties. :D I will be practicing sewing by constructing their wardrobes.

And I'm playing FFXIII again. Chapter 11! Whoo!

Got back at 2am last night! Sleep!