August 13th, 2010


Therapists for 800, Alex.

The fact that this PA strip merited this follow-up is pretty hysterical. As Gabe pointed out, what comic have you guys been reading?

... Okay, so that last one's not very offensive. I just love it.

In other news, VACATION! That's right, I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off, and I will be spending them frolicking about various Disney parks. Sure, I'll be in the lab for a bit on Sunday to get some stuff finished up before we leave, but not for a full day. And I'll be dragging the Jaime with me, so it's guaranteed to be more fun than usual. I like that Jaime guy.

Anyone up for Disneying? We're meeting up with a few friends at Typhoon Lagoon on Wednesday and we'll be out and about in the main four parks before that. Carnotaurus? Ezra? Back, back, over the falls? Anyone?