August 3rd, 2010


Perpetually exhausted.

This is the inside of my head. I mean that mostly metaphorically, as in the song really encapsulates the weird, detached, almost synesthetic feel of anxiety, but it's also been stuck in my head for a while. I sang the guitar solo over and over while playing cards, waiting for media to warm up. Jaime was vaguely annoyed.

When I have to go into the lab at night or on weekends, Jaime comes with me. If it's for a long time, we bring the lappies, but if it's just for a bit, we bring playing cards. Some version of Rummy is typically the game of choice, though we have dabbled in Go Fish, Old Maid, Poker, War, and Super War. Anyway, Jaime decided to spice up our games by making up a new book that's worth 1000000 points if you achieve it - the Bloody Bazooka. It consists of an Ace, King, Queen, and Jack all of different suits. The first game after this was introduced, I was thoroughly trouncing Jaime until he hammered out a freakin' Bloody Bazooka. I was suitably dismayed, but also played close to my vest that I was one card away from a Bloody Bazooka myself. Granted, the odds of getting the single Ace that I needed were pretty slim, but a few scant turns later, guess what I drew? The outcry was epic. A victory well and truly earned for Team Alex.

There are ants in the desk area of my lab. I want to buy an ant farm and see if they're willing to relocate. I'm fond of them.

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I may end up visiting a Disney water park for the first time ever in a couple weeks. Two dilemmas: Number one, I need a new swimsuit, and most suits with enough... erm... support are ugly as sin. So far, I've managed to find exactly one that looks cute and comes in my size: this one. Which is actually pretty freakin' cute, so I'm pleased. I definitely favor the black/surf dots combo. Now I just have to decide which size to order, as I'm kind of between two. And convince myself I'm not evil or irresponsible if I spend money on something "frivolous" like this. Why, conscience, why?

The other dilemma is that I've discovered that, at Typhoon Lagoon, for $20 you can spend half an hour scuba-ing around with small sharks and sting rays and such. This is pretty much the coolest thing I can imagine. Issue is, I have crummy ears. I don't know if they can handle being submerged in water for that long. Maybe I can just ask my doctor her opinion next time I'm in. Knowing my body, that'll likely be within the week. Sigh.

I gotta be in at eight tomorrow. I should be sleeping. Yet I'm not. Hm.