July 22nd, 2010


Highs and Lows

The past week has been quite the amalgam of good and bad. I'll sum the bad up as such: I really want this shirt. Yeah.

Moving on!

Friday night turned into movie night at home, which was a ton of fun. Honestly, I've spent so much time being sick or unbalanced or both that when I am capable of walking I want to go OUT, so I was skeptical about the idea, but it turned out awesome beyond compare. We swung by Target on the way home from work so I could get proper attire and Publix for subs, sushi, and ice cream cake, then continued on home to our pup, our giant TV, our lovely PS3's upsampling abilities, and the following features: Moon, the newest Futurama episode, the newest P&T: Bullshit! episode, and Troll 2. All were satisfying.

Moon, in particular, is an amazingly good movie. I had no clue what it was going into it, and I'm glad I didn't. Watching the story unfold, picking through the nuances and guessing what each turn would uncover, was an experience on par with some of my favorite films. It has an eery 2001 vibe to it at times, which toys with you in fun ways - is this going down the same path? Will they really use the same tricks here, or is something else at play, and if so, what? Sam Rockwell deserves a key to the moon for his performances throughout the film. Plus, one of the glimpsed side characters was Matt Berry. I saw his name during the opening credits; I was jawing on about how I didn't recognize any of the actors' names when his popped up. I laughed and said, "Well, I know THAT one, but I really doubt it's the same guy." IT WAS. Too weird.

Futurama and Bullshit were both good, as was expected, and Troll 2 was even more unintentionally uproarious and deliciously cheesy than I remembered it being. Jaime actually enjoyed it this time around, too, which was a pleasant bonus. Good times were had.

The next day, we rounded up Kiri and went to see Inception. I liked it, but it wasn't at all the movie I was expecting. Everyone talks about how confusing it is, how mind-blowing. I didn't get that from it at all. It's thought-provoking, yes, and lead to some enjoyable philosophical theorizing while staring at the living room ceiling that evening, but it's not hard to follow at all. At its core, Inception has a simple plot rooted in a basic yet interesting idea that has deep implications. It's also an action movie, which I was not prepared for at all. I knew there would be some action and the first few sequences had me spellbound, but by the time we hit the (to keep this spoiler-free) "white" sequence, I was bored to the point of yawning. Actually, if I'm honest, I was bored to the point of my attention breaking, which leads to my awareness of being in a crowded theater in the dark, which leads to fight-or-flight energy, which... is actually not that bad, at this point, thanks to all the therapy, but still. If a movie lets me get to that point, it's not doing its job. Overall, it was a good film with a much better soul than most. Not the second coming of celluloid Christ, but good.

I'm kind of wearing out now (on top of everything else, I think I've caught the hint of a cold from my coworkers) and I gotta be up and in the lab early tomorrow, so I'll leave you with this.

Comic Con 2010 Announcement:
New movie about the Haunted Mansion... D:
... by Guillermo del Toro... :o
... about the Hatbox Ghost. :D
Hoping so hard this lives up to its potential.

Also, Jackass 3D. Yes. Please. NOW.