June 7th, 2010


Thanks for the reassurance, cosmos!

Jaime and I attempted to find a flea market yesterday and instead got mildly lost. I think we were abducted at some point in there. Lost time, my friends. Lost time. It actually turned out okay, though, as we consoled ourselves with a trip to Super Walmart instead and while there I spotted Chrono Trigger in the DS case. It had the first run sticker on it, too. My jaw dropped. So, of course, I mumbled my way into getting it, and when the cashier rang it up, the price (which should have been $40) popped up as $15. That's right - first run Chrono Trigger DS with included poster for $15.

The universe's love for me did not end there. We then ate at a fantastic Jamaican restaurant and split an amazing smoothie. Coconut mango. Divine. And we hit the mall. I considered going into Bath and Body Works, as my tiny bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom hand sanitizer is running out, and lo and behold, when we walked by, an employee was handing out free tiny bottles of hand sanitizer. In Japanese Cherry Blossom. I almost typed Cheery Blossom, there. Appropriate!

So despite my multitude of panic attacks today (all of which I've worked myself out of in under half an hour, though), I've decided that the world doesn't actually hate me. I got cheap Chrono Trigger, free sanitizer, awesome food, and a nice day out with the Jaime yesterday. Hard to argue with that. Oh, and I got to marvel at Tokidoki sets in Sephora. Bastardino, yay!

As a final note on this post, I've discovered that all male engineering grad students have the same uniform:

Khaki shorts and a polo shirt (or) khaki pants and a plaid button-up shirt
New Balance tennis shoes

It's uncanny.