May 11th, 2010


I never did learn history.

I now present to you two true, oddly similar tales of knives, ER visits, and blood. Collapse )

And that is how Jaime came to have five stitches in his hand and a soon-to-be-scar that matches my mom's. Oh, life. So full of mystery and wonder. You saucy minx.

Since I'm here anyway, I'll throw out a couple things I've been meaning to link to but didn't feel like writing an entire post about:

I'm actually into an RPS ship. I know, I know! I'm not sure how it happened either. Anyway, it's... ahem... Kris/Adam, and I need, I say, need to throw a couple recs out there:

More Myself with You - the oddly plausible epic that made me upgrade from "toying with the idea" to "full-fledged shipper"
The Devilstone Registry - the steampunk-y AU that you really don't need to know the fandom to enjoy
If It Kills Me - the non-AU fic that unexpectedly leapt into one of my favorite genres (spoiler: survival, omg YES)

As a complete 180 from all that, I also need to rec Marble Hornets for being well-made and esoteric and creepy as fuck. Go to the wiki's list of the entries and scroll down immediately to the suggested viewing order. Don't read any summaries or anything - just watch the videos in that order. It will destroy you. Fair warning: I am not joking about the creepy as fuck part. It is NOT for the meek. Don't blame me for any resulting nightmares or paranoia.

On that note, I think I'll go read fluff and try to get some sleep before my (AUGH) meeting tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, folks.