April 16th, 2010


This is how I live, this is what I give, and you're the one I want to know.

+ I went jogging this morning. Not for very long, as my asthma decided it really didn't like the combination of aerobic activity and oak pollen, but I still did. Took the dog with me, too, and jogged about half of our walk route, then walked through it a second time. My legs are tired, but I'm mentally energized and I feel accomplished. Totally worth it.

+ Made my first cloth doll last night! I'm sure I've made something before, probably with a glue gun and felt, but this time I designed him, made the pattern, did a simple embroidered face, and even braved the sewing machine to slap him together. Granted, he's just a little two-piece fleece monster. Still! Progress!

+ Only one class today, then lunch, then psychologist. This means I will start my weekend off feeling not crazy. Whoo!

+ Possible dinner out tonight with Kiri and Kaisa. Kaisa leaves tomorrow, which is definitely sad-making, but she'll be back and for good in the not-so-distant future. They suggested Alehouse, which sounds quite promising. I do love me some ale.

+ FYE just doesn't get old. Plus, I got the Remixes EP, so there's more awesomeness. Seriously. Too much AWESOME. And if music can't make life better, what can? Drug of choice, right here.