March 9th, 2010


Can we just rewind?

I'm kind of a music addict. I need it like food. I try to listen to music at work that I know Jaime doesn't like. That way, I get my fill of all types of music throughout the day - a well-balanced diet, if you will - and Jaime never has to listen to "bad music". In surfing through my iTunes today, I've rediscovered two old loves of mine - Skunk Anansie and Swirl 360. Both very different; both very good. Skunk Anansie is rock with quite possibly the most amazing lead singer of all time, while Swirl 360 consists of two pop-singing twin brothers. Anyone else ever listen to either of them? And on that note, inspired by both the guilty pleasure that is Swirl 360 and instrumentality's recent guilty pleasure song post, what stuff do you guys love that you just can't bring yourself to play around anyone else? I know I'm very careful with my nineties pop and noughties emo - I love it, but they both carry... connotations.