February 8th, 2010


Shaved ice: for adults and kids whose parents don't lie to them.* (#shavedice)

I hear there was some big sports game yesterday? Something like that? Huh. (As a side note: Congrats, Saints! I'm not a football person, but I know many who are and were rooting for you guys. Good job. :|b)

Sunday was actually the least eventful day for me recently. Friday, I got an eye exam - I can see again! I may be more near-sighted than I used to be, but my eyes are healthy, and I can see! - and splurged... um... a bit. Well, we got some very nice tax returns, and ah hell, I bought the UD Alice Palette and a few cute shirts (plus a black Hello Kitty one that's not on the site anymore). I'm a bad person.

And it's not like I stopped with the frivolity there - oh, no. Thanks to the awesomeness of marilla82 and help_haiti , Jaime and I got to go to freakin' Disney World on Saturday. I was kind of good - in the end, I made it through Fantasyland without shouting out anything Fairy God-Morooka-ther inspired - and kind of bad - on top of the pricey but undeniably delicious food, I got a blind-boxed Mickey vinyl, two tiny washi ningyou on a swing and two maneki neko from Japan in Epcot, and (from Madame Leota's cart, how cool is that?!) a CD with the entire current version of the Haunted Mansion and some extra Happy-Haunt-approved tracks. I'm gonna have to do some serious donating/volunteering to counter this consumerism. Sigh. But it isn't like we do this every week, so I'm striving to not feel so damn guilty. Happy stuff... let's see...

Oh! Disney World itself was fantastic. :D We hit the Magic Kingdom right after it opened, and there were practically no waits. We walked right onto Space Mountain, for crying out loud. We also had the greatest Jungle Cruise guide ever, and Pirates and Haunted Mansion... well, they're always win. Plus, when we returned to the Magic Kingdom later that night, we encountered our future selves - a balding guy with glasses and a short chubby woman. They were laughing and playing with a light-up spinner toy. We talked to them a bit in line, though unfortunately when the ride broke down for a few minutes, they'd already been ushered inside, while we were left staring at the heavy mansion doors. We met back up with them in the loading area, though, and the guy pointed out what may have been the highlight of the day - he'd been given a pass for tracking wait times. Being stuck in line while the ride was down was going to lead to some pretty inaccurate results. Sucked for the cast members, I'm sure, but I doubt that couple was too bored during the wait. They did have a spinner toy, after all. Anyway, for lunch, we got fish and chips at this little place by the Haunted Mansion, and I discovered that malt vinegar is tasty. Who knew? After that, ye olde Kingdom was getting a bit busy and we were pretty content anyway, so we swung by Epcot, which was not too crowded. Test Track's wait was less than 20 minutes, while The Seas, Imagination, and Spaceship Earth had pretty much no wait time. The only fast pass we ended up getting was for Maelstrom, of all things. I guess it's not a secret anymore. Or... it's a secret that everyone knows... yeah... Dinner in Morocco - it'd been so long since I'd had some good chicken shawarma. I do miss Zankou. Mmm.

I just noticed that the Silversun Pickups song I'm listening to is called "Kissing Families". Hrm.

Let's see... there was something else I needed to say... something about... 6 years, maybe? And a Mexican guy. What was it, what was it...

Happy anniversary, Jaime. <3 And here's to dozens more, yeah?

* "What's that?" A kid presses his hands against clear plastic and stares, awestruck, at the display of fake shaved ice, bright green and orange and straw/cherry.

"It's not real," his mom says quickly.


"It's fake," his dad adds, "and you already had cookies."

"But what is it?" the kid presses, and his mom blurts, "It's for adults."

A few moments (rife with confused grumbling from the kid) later, the cart operator hands us our cup of rainbow shaved ice.

"See?" the mom says. "They're adults, and they got it. It's not for kids."

We walk away chuckling, and she hollers after us, "Hey, don't laugh; someday, you'll lie to your kids too!"