February 2nd, 2010



I hate ketchup. Ick.

Moving on, I actually wrote ficlets! There are still five spots left on that meme, by the way, so if you have even the faintest idea for a little fic I could tackle, drop it off in the comments there. As far as other fics go, I have a few ideas I'm kicking around... maybe you guys could help me decide how to prioritize them? Collapse )

Alright, now it's time to share awesome things that I am not responsible for, but that I think are... well... awesome.
The Science Awesome - Hooray! Maybe now we can finally put that stupidity to rest, return to keeping people as safe from disease as possible, and move on with actual research into autism's origins, hm?
The Ad Awesome - The bad part is that CBS banned it from airing during the Super Bowl. The good part is that it exists at all. And the funny part is the commercial itself.
The Fandom Awesome - Double dose! Here; have a deliciously hipster-fied FST and a comic so grandiose I can only describe it as "grandiose".
The Girly Awesome - Want. So bad. Not only am I a big fan of Disney's Alice in Wonderland who's eagerly awaiting this live-action version, I'm also a bit of an Urban Decay devotee. I don't know if I can justify spending that much money on a palette, no matter how tempting it may be, but... those eyeshadows! So many possibilities!

Man, I had a big huge post all planned out for when I finally got the time to come back and write it, but today is kind of bad (read: anemic + that week + <5hrs of sleep = TIRED AND INCOHERENT), and so... I'll leave it at this. At least I got those ficlets written and those links shared. Success!