January 20th, 2010


Sometimes science is teh suck. Then I write.

I lost one of my help_haiti auctions, but I won the other, and group meeting was today, but now it's done for another week! So!

Picked up from avaaricious: The first TEN people to comment on this post get to request that I write a drabble ficlet, because I like them more, of any pairing/character. Feel free to include a prompt as well so I'm not just running blind. Oh, and the first spot is reserved for terra, as she gave me a prompt many moons ago that I never filled, so... I'll do it now! See? I don't completely suck.

01) terra - FFVI: Locke/Terra, "sand"
02) anglepoiselamp - P4/DQ, "Inaba is infested by Dragon Quest slimes and it's up to Souji's gang to deal with it somehow"
03) anglepoiselamp - FFVI: Kefka, "in a non-villainous capacity"
04) instrumentality - NGE: Kaworu/Rei, "we're one, but we're not the same"
05) dresstokill - PW: Phoenix/Mia, "dating the boss"
06) vithrar - P4/SMB, "some unsuspecting characters from another game, say p4, chance upon a certain mushroom kingdom..."

There likely aren't ten people reading this that would actually like a ficlet from me, so go ahead and request a couple if you have more than one idea. I'll try to knock these out over the next few evenings. Go go go!

Fri 1/22 - I'm planning on getting these five written out tonight. :D
Tue 2/02 - Okay, so it took me far longer than anticipated to actually start on this. I finally did 'em, though! I figure if I can't sleep, I can at least be productive.