January 18th, 2010


I resolve to eat fewer fudge-covered Ritz, no matter how tasty they may be.

Jacks had the perfect shed. :D No lie, his skin came off in one solid piece, eyes caps and all, open only at the jaw. Jaime took some pictures - I'll upload a few later.

I'm up to the last day on Devil Survivor. A certain battle on Day 6 bitchslapped me around quite a few times before I completely revamped my skill set-up and kicked ass, as is my custom. There are two ending paths that sound more interesting to me than the others and I only managed to get one, so that made my decision quite a bit easier. Well, once I'd agonized over the fact that I think this path locks you into some difficult stuff. I guess if I get stuck I can always grind, right? Ick. Hope it doesn't come to that.

I've also been replaying the first Phoenix Wright as a collaboration with Jaime via the wonders of WiiWare. You can freaking present evidence by holding the Wiimote and doing the "Objection!" fingerpoint. It just doesn't get better than that.

Speaking of gameage, I finished a fic for the P4 kink meme! It's been a while since I've filled anything there, so it feels good to contribute again. Although, I was a total bitch to Souji once again, and the next fic I have in mind is even meaner. Sorry 'bout that, guy. I really do like you, honest. You're just fun to give suppressed emotions to, and frankly, Yosuke gets enough abuse from all the other fic writers. I'm only doing my part to share the burden here.

It may be a bit belated, but I think it's only right that I put some New Year's resolutions here in a semi-concrete form, so they're harder to ignore. Collapse )

P.S. Jaime and I are thinking about possibly, maybe getting a dog. Not right now - we have some moving and medical bills to get paid off first - but perhaps in a few months. It's all still very shaky and not finalized, but I'm psyched regardless.