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If you have any interest whatsoever in wingfic, you should cart yourself over here to A Crash Course in Falling. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of carolinecrane's stuff, and man, is this no exception. It's sweet and somehow realistic. And it deserves fanart. Cut for large images and story spoilers.Collapse )


Cut for a large image.Collapse )

I was aiming for a backstage scene, a bit shady, a bit glitzy, with a performer who might be of any gender or any race or even any species. It was a blast to draw, and I got to inspire two very different and very awesome stories!

Seriously, this was too much fun. I gotta do this again next year.

I am a spaz and have high aspirations.

Ashley, Dave, and Chad draw amazing things. Seeing their stuff made me want to draw things. Less amazing, granted, because those three are wowzers, but still things. And so I did!

Comics: My Life is Not InterestingCollapse )
Fanart: Shirtless Boys Kissing and a Teenage DemonCollapse )

By the way, what's the commonly accepted behavior when it comes to fanart? Do you let the author know you drew some, or just leave it to float on the internet? Which path is less rude?
There are a bazillion articles out there detailing just why adopting a dog rather than getting one from a breeder or pet store is the right choice and a fair amount on why you should consider adopting a dog who's past the puppy phase. I agree with the majority of those arguments, of course, but they're all so serious and legitimate. I mean, you're inviting a big-fanged carnivore into your home. Let's not be purely logical; let's get stupid.

I present to you five decidedly awesome advantages of adopting a non-puppy.

#1: The Backstory
Not only are you adopting a dog, you're adopting a protagonist. My girl Opal lived in the woods with her mom and littermates before joining my pack. Kinda badass. My boy Benny, on the other hand, is a mystery. We know he was adopted once before us, but before that? It's a blank. I choose to believe he was an experimental government project attempting to create the perfect dog. Unfortunately, they let one variable get out of hand: LOVE. So he broke out in search of the perfect home et voila. My faithful mutt.

#2: The Excuses
"Oh no, what is he doing? I've trained him better than that! He must've learned it from his previous owner/other dogs on the streets/that Russian circus he starred in."

#3: The Toys
Dogs, like people, have preferences. My dogs, for example, ignore rubber toys. Well, Benny ignores toys completely, but that's not the point! The point is that I had no way of knowing this until I offered them a rubber toy. You want to have the happiest dog possible, right? So you really should just get one of pretty much everything in the toy aisle. You know, to test the waters. It has nothing to do with how cute that dragon plush is. Really.

#4: The Ego-Boost
You weren't there for those formative months. This dog met you as a mature pup and its mature brain loves you. How neat is that?

#5: The Brainular Superiority
People love babies. The big heads, big eyes, tiny little toes... our brains are wired to gobble that junk up. We also love what we, well, love, though. Your dogs will probably end up looking cuter to you than any others in the world. (This doesn't apply to me, as my dogs truly are the cutest in existence, but I've seen some other poor fools stuck in their delusions.) This "cuter than" deal includes puppies. That's right - the awesomeness of your dogs can overcome your brain's innate wiring to love babies. Don't think about it too hard; just go with it. Dogs trump brain. Suck it, gray matter!

Bonus: Why You Should Adopt Two Dogs: A Diagram

Do I ship anything? Nope!

FFXIII-2 is fucking fantastic. The plot is good, the gameplay is good, and Hope! I loved him in the first game; he's been my PS3 background since I unlocked that theme. It's really great to see him ten years later, all grown up and hot successful. Seeing Serah come into her own was great as well, and I can't help but love Noel. The ending left me a bit stunned and annoyed, but I'll probably be first in line to buy XIII-3, so good job, Square, I guess. Oh, and I love the rambunctious chocobos. Not only are they awesome and pretty, their music is BADASS. And hilarious. Pretty much the greatest song ever.

In other news, I totally ship Noel/Hope. Started out because they're both so lovely, but now I have legit ship reasoning. Sigh.

In other other news, I've been oddly productive today. Working on plush for ontdcreepy's Spring Crawl, cleaning the kitchen, unpacking the most gorgeous doll ever, finishing my art for originalbigbang's Reverse Bang... help me keep this going?

Stolen from anglepoiselamp:
1) Name a fandom. Or two. Or ten. However many you want!
2) I'll draw a picture of my favorite character from said fandom.

Ready? Go!

Edit(11:45pm): I'll start this thing off with some fandoms Jaime suggested: Mythbusters, Persona 4, CommunityCollapse )
Edit(3/4): Have some Glee and FFXIII-2!Collapse )

In which I draw scandalous things!

Because carolinecrane is good with compliments and jengeorge is good with stories, I ended up drawing this. No naughty bits visible, but still probably NSFW.Collapse )

BONUS: Akihiko/Minako during the hot springs event. Again, no naughty bits visible, but yeah... NSFW!Collapse )

I've never drawn stuff like this before, stuff this... exposed. Anatomy, yikes!

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